"Mister Bernd...

How you use that blood that you've been born with, is up to you."

--D to Bernd

Race Pure-Blooded Vampire
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Height 185 cm
Weight Unknown
Status Alive

D is a side character of the RPG game: Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout. Full of mystery, he acts as the 'narrator' of the game. Not much is known about him.


D Sprite

D's Sprite

D is shown to be a bit similar in appearance to Bernd, considering that the boy is his descendant. His black hair is swept back and slick, though a portion covers his right eye. Like vampires are described, he has peculiar and mysterious eyes that turn red, sharp fangs, and pointed ears. As for his attire, it is similar to what a noble man or a butler would wear. High collar dress shirt with a red bow tie, topped of with a dark blue vest and a black dress tail coat, accented with gold buttons. He also wears black dress pants and shoes. Finally, he has white gloves and dons a black cloak with gold lining, and purple on the inside.


Not much is known about D considering he only acts as a 'narrator' and appears briefly in some parts of the game(preferably near the ending). However, his appearances describe him as a polite and knowledgeable pure blooded vampire, having lived for many years. He gives off a mysterious aura and his way of speaking, though, polite, is somewhat vague. He stated in the true ending that Ber reminds him of himself when he was younger, albeit he was a bit more wise.